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5 Days of Pinterest: Christmas Spritzer


As a complete Pinterest addict, nothing frustrates me more than pinning something only to find it leads to a dead end source. In fact, Alison from Long Distance Loving wrote a whole article on how to effectively clean up your Pinterest account (read it) and ever since reading it I have been much more conscious of what I re-pin. Nontheless, this pin slipped through the cracks. So I was left with the desire to make this delicious spritzer, yet had no recipe to follow. Lucky for you guys, the ingredients were listed in the pin and in a moment of bravery I decided to wing it and hope for the best.

In hopes that you’ll all pin this post to your own boards, here is my (not so formal) recipe for “Christmas” Spritzers (unfortunately there is nothing Christmas about these, other than the fact the drink is red).

Shopping list:
– Package of 4 187 ml bottles of white zinfandel (you can find these small bottles at most grocery stores)
– Sprite
– Vodka
– Diced strawberries

When I said I was going to “wing it” I wasn’t lying. I didn’t measure anything but instead did guesswork (fancy, I know). The majority of the drink is the white zinfandel, so I used 3/4 of a bottle for each drink. I topped it off with a dash of sprite and vodka, ice, and about 2 diced strawberries. The result is a beautiful, light and refreshing cold drink that would be great served with appetizers on Christmas day.

What’s your go to holiday drink?