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20 before 25: #1 Go on a Cruise

Our welcome sign to Nassau, The Bahamas

When I first started writing this post, I was going to give a play by play of everything John and I did while on our cruise to the Bahamas, but after mulling it over for a bit I decided it’d be way more fun to list out what made me enjoy this mini getaway so much. I’m also super excited to have crossed #1 off my 20 before 25 list!

Making our way into the port in Nassau

Our cruise ship docked in Nassau

Being around someone you have fun with no matter what.One of the things I love most about being with John is that I have just as much fun snorkeling in a coral reef with him as I do sitting at home in our PJs watching TV. He makes everything so fun and is such a joy to be around. The cruise was no exception! Sure we both had to deal with sea sickness and we missed the fancy dinner and didn’t get to sport our new outfits, but we made the most of our vacation. We also focused on the most important thing: having fun and enjoying each other’s company.

John and I on the ship while making our way to the port

Trying new things. Neither John or I had ever snorkeled before and I kind of started to panic inside when the time actually came to do it. I was terrified of seeing a shark, swallowing salt water, or having a hard time breathing through the snorkel tube. I found myself stalling when it was time to get in the water until John finally just got up and started walking down the stairs, forcing me to follow. Once I got in the water it was so fun doing something new and exciting that I’d never done before. I stuck my face in the water and was greeted by a school of tropical fish. I managed to swallow some salt water but hey, it made things a little more exciting and I washed the taste out with some delicious rum punch afterwards.

John in his snorkel gear, unlimited rum punch after

The importance of a little R&R. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life so a cruise was the perfect getaway. Focusing on nothing besides drinking, eating and relaxing really gave my body the recharge it needed. It also made it incredibly hard to go back to work on Tuesday!

Staying positive.The seas were rough during our whole cruise which unfortunately led to the captain canceling our second day in the Bahamas. We were looking forward to a lazy day on the beach at Royal Caribbean’s private island but instead ended up with a day at sea. It would have been easy to whine and complain and be angry, but instead John and I headed for the pool and relaxed together determined to enjoy the day anyway. We got to watch a belly flop contest, drink out of a pineapple, listen to a great Calypso band and see a pre dinner show, all things we probably wouldn’t have gotten to experience otherwise.

Relaxing by the pool during our unplanned day at sea

Drinking out of a pineapple (there were a few refills…)

Food (and drink). There was never a shortage of either on the boat! There was also an ice cream machine (which we visited daily) and the buffet food was great. When we got to the Bahamas we tried conch fritters and for some reason thought we could drink these gigantic tropical drinks without getting too drunk for dinner. We were totally wrong (and poor John took a drunken fall in the bathroom resulting in a seriously bruised nose). Being surrounded by so much food and drink on a daily basis was definitely a dream come true.

My first drink on the island!

Conch fritters

Our giant drinks from Senor Frogs

Our vacation definitely had its challenges (like my sea sickness and John’s bathroom fall) but I wouldn’t have had it any other way – okay I would have taken John’s injury out of the mix! It was great to spend quality time with John and to unplug from life for a few days. PS – the fact that these pictures are up here is a miracle. I accidentally sent our point and shoot camera through the dryer after the cruise (which we used to take most of the pictures you see here) and it got totally fried. Lucky for us, the SD card remained intact and our pictures lived to tell the tale! Also, a huge thanks to the ladies who helped out with vacation week last week!

What are your favorite things about vacation?

What I’m packing: Caribbean Cruise

Welcome to your week long vacation here at twenty-something! In honor of the cruise John and I will be embarking on this Friday, I’ve decided to take you all along for a little vacation of your own this week. I’ve enlisted the help of some of my favorite bloggers to help you get the most out of your travel wardrobe, choose the perfect beauty products to bring along, and of course you’ll get a great tropical recipe to try for those days where you just need to get away.

So – the sea is calling? Living in Florida the sea seems to ALWAYS be calling my name, and I couldn’t think of a better way to answer that call than with a weekend cruise to the Bahamas. I’ve always had a huge problem with overpacking when I travel, mostly because I want to bring along my whole wardrobe so I have options. I’m doing my best to pack light for this short and sweet getaway so here’s what I’m packing:

A cocktail dress is a must-bring for any vacation. You never know when you’ll need it for a night on the town or a surprise dinner date. I found this beautiful dress at Macy’s and can’t wait to wear it.
A fancy dress definitely needs some fun pumps to complete the look so I’m bringing along my favorite Rachel Rachel Roy studded “Kimi” platform pumps. I’ll also need some great comfy sandals for casual daytime looks.
I’m not going to get very far without my passport which I thought I had lost, but my wonderful mom found it and made sure I received it before the cruise.
My camera (photo taken with it :)) will capture all of the cruise’s best moments so John and I can remember what a great time we had together.
A travel suitcase isn’t complete without a bikini which I plan to be wearing more than anything else during the cruise.
Some denim shorts and basic tanks will be perfect to throw on over my swimsuit for exploring and getting a bite to eat.
My daily makeup routine will consist of sunscreen, a light foundation, bronzer, perfume and some mascara. There’s no need for heavy makeup on vacation so I’ll be keeping things light when it comes to my daily beauty routine.

What are some of your must-pack items for vacation?

We’re going on a cruise!


Lucky for John and I, August means we get 3 paychecks this month. Since we’ve been on TONS of vacations this summer but haven’t yet done something just the two of us, we decided to take advantage of those extra paychecks and use them to have some fun. What better way to do that than to go on a 3 night cruise to the Bahamas?!

I’ve never been on a cruise so I’m super excited to spend a few days at sea. While the cruise isn’t until the beginning of October I still can’t stop thinking about it and all the fun things we’ll get to do. The ship has tons of excursions available, snorkeling being one of our favorites and one we are definitely going to try, and we’ll get a full 2 days in the Bahamas. I can’t wait to have this experience and I’m also pumped to cross #1 off of my 20 before 25 list!

Since I am oh so excited for the cruise but wanted to make this post a little more interesting than me getting all giddy about our upcoming vacation, I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from places John and I have been or fun things we’ve done together in the past. Enjoy!

One of my favorite pics of us. Taken in Tybee Island, GA

Daytona Beach, FL…a pic from when we were still long distance and I hadn’t yet moved. Feels like forever ago!

Hot air ballooning for John’s bday this past June

Us with the chase vehicle after the hot air balloon landed (very bouncy, quite the experience!)

John feeding me to Trex in the Jurassic Park exhibit at Universal – read more about this day here

Our first canoeing experience together at Wikewa Springs

Remember that gator I mentioned when I told you about John needing to see it up close and personal? I know it’s not the hugest…but I felt very vulnerable being this close in a canoe!

Photo from our trip to Duck, NC this year with John’s family. Read about it and see more pics here.

What fun places have you been or what exciting things have you done? Are you squeezing in any last minute summer vacations?