Just because I’m growing up doesn’t mean I can’t still be a kid

A little over a week ago, my mom and sister made the 1,000 mile journey by car to visit John and I in Orlando for the week. Since John and I both had to work, they chose to plan day trips in and around the area and thus discovered our Sunday night dinner destination: a restaurant reminiscent of the Rainforest Café with a twist…it was 100% Dinosaur-themed.

Apparently a trip to Downtown Disney earlier in the week had led to the discovery of this odd/fascinating restaurant and my sister became instantly infatuated so a reservation was made. My sister could hardly contain her excitement, which my mom and I found hilarious because she is in fact 16 years old and it was entertaining to see her get so excited about this of all things.

Sunday night at 5pm finally rolled around and we all got dressed up for our last night out. The weather was finally good despite a whole entire week of rain and thunderstorms, and we got a parking space right next to the T-Rex Café. Much like the Rainforest Café’s “thunderstorms” while you’re dining, the T-Rex offered a more exhilarating experience: a meteor shower. We walked in to the restaurant right in the middle of one and were greeted by a giant animatronic T-Rex (which frightened me I will not lie) moving its head and eyeballs and making scary noises. It was like I was in Jurassic Park…without having to fear that I was going to get eaten for dinner.

The place was FULL of dinosaurs and John and I couldn’t resist getting up to walk around and admire the place. We also took some pictures which you can see below. The food was great and I even got to keep my glass as a souvenir, but that’s not the point of this entire story. The point is this: I may be 23, but there wasn’t a single second spent in that restaurant that I didn’t feel just like a kid again.

As we age, we forget how to relax and just have fun sometimes. When you’re a kid, your biggest problems in life are that your best friend won’t share her Barbie with you, or it didn’t snow enough to cancel school. But as we grow up and begin working, dating, managing our own finances, living on our own, etc., we develop a plethora of new problems and make it near impossible for ourselves to just relax and have fun. When we aren’t at work we’re thinking about work, when we’re at work we’re thinking about all the things we have to do when we get home from work, and so on and so forth.

So, my challenge is this: find something silly and fun to do, whether its by yourself or with others, and allow yourself to truly enjoy it. Get in touch with the child in you and have some fun!

P.S.: I highly recommend the T-Rex Café if there is a location near you.

2 thoughts on “Just because I’m growing up doesn’t mean I can’t still be a kid

  1. Gma Max

    What a fun time you obviously had and I only wish Gpa and I could have been there! Love the picture of three of my best girls :o) Maybe we can visit TRex before too long…….Gma Max


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