Jumping on the bandwagon…

At 23, I recently made one of the biggest and scariest choices of my life to date. I left friends, family, a steady job and my apartment to move over 1,000 miles away to Orlando, FL to live with my long-distance boyfriend of over a year. The response from close friends and family was congratulatory and supportive, while others (strangers, mostly) just couldn’t grasp why a woman would want to move so far for a guy.

I chose not to bother with people’s negative reactions because it was a decision I made for me. This is one of the many things that represents being in your twenties: the freedom (and courage) to make bold choices without knowing what the end result will be. I took a leap of faith and followed my heart and am insanely happy as a result. You see, as a twenty-something my perspective on life is this: some things in life are absolutely worth taking huge risks for. And hey, if it doesn’t work out everything will still be OK. I get so much more out of life by taking risks and learning from my mistakes rather than not taking chances and never knowing what could have been. Someday, I want to look back on my twenties as a time where I took advantage of absolutely every opportunity and lived my life to the fullest.

With that being said, I’ve chosen to jump on the blogging bandwagon to share my insights on life, love, fashion and all things twenty-something.


3 thoughts on “Jumping on the bandwagon…

  1. Gma Max

    Love ya and taking risks is what makes life worth living and keeps the excitement happening. I know because I’ve done it a few times :o)


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