It’s never too late for love

I’d like to start out this post by saying WOW, I have never been on so many vacations in one summer in my entire life! For the past 2 months John and I have been “beach hopping” from vacation to vacation every 2 weeks.  This is one crazy summer, but I am definitely not complaining! Friday we headed back to the Outer Banks (remember my post here about ingredients for a great vacation?) for a very special ceremony.

In high school, my parents announced they would be getting a divorce. Although I was old enough and mature enough to understand the reasons and comprehend it was for the best for both of them, it was still hard to take in. Parents are our role models for so many things when we are growing up, love especially. Your parents are supposed to have that invincible, untouchable relationship that binds them together through good times and bad, so I’m sure that a lot of you can relate when I stress how difficult it is to see that relationship fail.

Over time, my sister and I overcame the divorce and were able to see clearly that it was for the best for everyone. My mom re-married, and my dad slowly begun dating again. Although I didn’t notice it at the time, I look back now and realize how amazing it was to see the growth both of my parents made. In a weird way, it was almost like I was the parent, watching my own parents start their lives up again, grow up, and date (still encountering some of the classic dating problems we face as twenty-somethings!) The major growth was in my dad, and although it’s not something I have ever written about or even spoke about much in the past, I was so proud of him (and still am) for giving love another shot. He kept putting himself out there, meeting new people, and when things didn’t work out he still kept trying.

Recently, my dad met Robin, and when I met her I instantly knew she was different. I had a feeling in my gut that this was the one…they were so obviously in love with each other after such a short time together and it was clear that this was meant to be. It was of no surprise to anyone when my dad proposed a few months ago, and she of course accepted. They chose to get married on the beach in Kitty Hawk, NC this past weekend and the ceremony was absolutely beautiful.

Standing there watching my dad get married to such an amazing woman, I realized we all have a lot to learn from people like my dad and Robin. Both of them had failed relationships, but they kept putting themselves out there, even at an older age, and thus found each other. How easily do we feel like giving up after a relationship that leaves us feeling scarred and hurt? How much time to we waste dwelling on a failed relationship? How afraid do we allow ourselves to become after someone has hurt us? I think we are all guilty of these feelings. We allow ourselves to be consumed by our emotions and allow ourselves to think that there simply isn’t anyone out there for us, but that’s not the truth. There will always be someone; we just have to open up our hearts to let that person in. It is never too late for love. Thank you Dad, and thank you Robin, for showing me this.

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