Guest Post: A Staycation Smoothie

Today Alyssa from The Glossy Life is guest posting and I couldn’t be more excited to have her! Shortly after finding each other’s blogs, we became super fast blogging buddies and I never miss a post from her. If you haven’t checked her out yet, definitely hop over to her blog for some tasty recipes and loads of fashion inspiration!

Hi twenty-something readers! I’m Alyssa, stopping over from The Glossy Life while Steph is on vacation with her guy (lucky lady!).

I have to admit, when I first heard she was sailing off to the tropics, I was a little jealous. OK–I’m still a little jealous, but two things have been helping me get by. One: the fact that we can check back in a week and see all of the gorgeous pictures she takes throughout her trip (seriously, the girl is so talented) and two: simply faking that I’m on vacation, too.

As a little girl, I was notorious for packing up my beach bag, donning my bathing suit and shades, and catching some rays. In my living room. In the dead of winter (see below if you don’t believe me!).

I’ve since graduated to more “adult” forms island-hopping; namely, this smoothie. It’s funny how a simple drink or meal can transport you, and this does just that. Make it, and you’ll feel like you’re on the pool deck of your own private cruise ship. You should know, in this fantasy, Ryan Gossling is slathering you with sunscreen and complimenting you on your bikini bod. Hey, girl–dream big.

The best thing about this is it’s customizable to whichever fruits you prefer. I’ve made mine with the ingredients that evoke the most “tropical” feel–coconut is obviously a must!

You’ll need:

½ cup frozen mango
½ cup pineapple
½ cup strawberries
¼ cup low-fat Greek yogurt
2 teaspoons agave
Coconut milk as needed

Simply combine all your ingredients in a blender, adding the coconut milk as needed (I like my smoothies really thick, so I don’t use much. It’s completely preference!). If you get really brave, add a handful of kale or spinach (my choice). I guarantee, with all the tropical fruits, you won’t even be able to taste it!

Serving suggestion: Drink slow (prevents brain-freeze, duh), while burning this candle and listening to this song (raise your hand if you’re having MK & Ashley flashbacks). Enjoy!

35 thoughts on “Guest Post: A Staycation Smoothie

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    1. twenty-something Post author

      I know I totally agree – Alyssa has me in smoothie mode! I always forget how simple and easy a smoothie is to make at home. Now that I’m back from vacation I can’t wait to try this.

  2. peoplepaperprints

    Yes! It’s already getting so darn cold in Wisconsin that I need to remember what the tropics feels like (or at least tastes like!). Thanks for the blog post Alyssa (and hope you’re having fun Steph!)

  3. respect the shoes

    I love fruit smoothies – only when they are made by people who are not me! Keva Juice is a weakness of mine! Every time I’ve tried to do something on my own, it turns out not so much of the good …


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